Personality Of The Shih Tzu Dog

Published: 22nd January 2008
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We all know that different types of dogs have different types of personalities just as you and I do. So this is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about bringing a Shih Tzu dog into your home. If you are away from home a lot, will your little dog be okay with that? Will you be angered or upset if you find your dog is barking nonstop? This is your chance to think about what you would like to have in a dog.

Think of it like you are building a blueprint for the perfect dog and compose a list of things that you need your dog to be. Once you have established the type of dog you and your family want, you can compare this to the personality of a Shih Tzu dog and see if you still think that it is the perfect dog for you. For some it will be, but for others it won't. Either way, it is better to know upfront instead of finding out after your dog has been brought home.
Now that you have a better understanding of what type of dog would be the perfect fit into your already busy life, it is time to review the personality characteristics of the Shih Tzu dog. What generally makes this breed a fun one to have is that they are very outgoing and peaceful with other pets and strangers so they can be taken just about anywhere with you. Also, this smaller breed is very sturdy even though they are tiny, with their short legs and long body.

The Shih Tzu dog is also not as yappy as other toy breeds, which would make them a great fit into a family that has neighbors close by or just does not like constant barking. This particular breed also does not need a lot of exercise and therefore is great for those who can not get out as much as other people. A Shih Tzu dog is also known for being stuck up but this is not the case at all. While they are a proud and dignified breed, they are also very playful and a happy pet to have in your home.
Another thing that one must consider is the possibility of future health problems with a Shih Tzu dog. While not every dog within this breed will end up with health issues, knowing that they are prone to certain things can help you in the decision of whether you should own one or not. These dogs are prone to skin and kidney issues and complications along with being vulnerable to eye injury because of their large and shallow eyes.

Their short face and nose that is upturned in structure means that the Shih Tzu dog generally has issues with their breathing which makes them at risk for a heatstroke in hot weather when it is humid. It is hard to anesthetize them if the need arises because of their already difficult respiratory system. And it that wasn't enough to consider, these breeds often have troubles with their long back and the fact that they are prone to disk problems. These are all things to consider when thinking about adopting a Shih Tzu dog.

Rebecca Simpson brings to this article extensive knowledge, love, and compassion for the Shih Tzu dog breed and aims to make sure that potential owners know exactly what to expect with their new dog. The Shih Tzu comes with not only a great deal of positive qualities, but some important issues as well. Everyone who is considering bringing a Shih Tzu dog into their home should think about both the pros and the cons. Even after bringing a Shih Tzu dog into your life, it is vital that you continue researching Shih Tzu information so that you are ready for any issues or concerns that arise.

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